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Video endoscopy allows veterinarians to look inside your pet's body without making a surgical incision. At Southpaws we have a large number of flexible and rigid scopes that enable us to examine many areas of the body. We have combined these scopes with high definition cameras to obtain the best possible information to aid our diagnosis.

Our internal medicine department use these scopes to examine the gastrointestinal, upper respiratory and urinary tract and nasal cavity.

Our surgeons also use these scopes for examination, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting joints (shoulder, elbow and knee), the thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity. A large number of procedures can be performed with a scope or with scope assistance. These procedures are generally less invasive than comparable open procedures meaning less discomfort and more rapid recovery for your pet.

LaparoscopicLaparoscopic - Minimally invasive ovariohysterectomy (spey) ArthroscopicArthroscopic assessment of a dog's biceps tendon in the shoulder

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