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The Best Medicine For Dogs and Cats

What is the best veterinary treatment when your dog or cat is simply unwell ? Working with your primary care veterinarian, the Southpaws Internal Medicine Service will accurately diagnose and formulate the best treatment for your pet after referral.

Consultations with our Internal Medicine Department are fee-paying because often treatment can begin on the spot during the consultation process. Internal medicine covers infectious diseases and disorders of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, immunological, endocrine, hepatobiliary, neurological and urological systems. Our key expertise is cancer treatment (oncology). We use chemotherapy and the only veterinary radiation therapy unit in Victoria (two in Australia) to provide the best possible outcomes for cancer patients.

Best Veterinary Diagnostics and Treatment for Sick Dogs and Cats, Melbourne VictoriaUltrasound used in the treatment of sick dogs and cats by referral, Melbourne, Victoria

Southpaws offers:


Our staff have particular interests in the gastro-intestinal system, fungal diseases, cardiology and diagnostic imaging including echocardiography and ultrasound; Inflammatory Bowel Disease and diagnostic methods such as Confocal Endomicroscopy.


Extensive diagnostics capabilities including the latest human-medicine 16 slice helical Computed Tomography (CT), digital Xray, Xray Fluoroscopy (motion picture Xray) and ultrasound.

In House Laboratory

In-house IDEXX laboratory capabilities for haematology, biochemistry, and electrolytes supplemented by on-call access to external laboratories for further testing.


Modern chemotherapy options include high-dose agents and protocols, Plati-pump (harness mounted dosing pumps provide accelerated therapy over just four days), newer molecularly-targetted agents, such as Palladia - a tyrosine kinase inhibitor and metronomic (continuous low-dose agents and protocols).

Radiation Therapy

We have Victoria's only radiation therapy unit for animals and one of only two in Australia - we achieve some of the highest survival times ever published for canine nasal adenocarcinoma and canine osteosarcoma.


We offer a wide range of scoping techniques including endoscopy, bronchoscopy, cystoscopy and image guided diagnostic sample collection for pathology.

Due to the complexity of some internal medicine cases, we review your pet’s history, complete a thorough physical examination and formulate an appropriate diagnostic plan. In most cases, the diagnostics tests that are indicated for your pet can be done within a few hours, however, in a small number of cases, an overnight stay may be required for advanced diagnostics or intensive care.

We pride ourselves on thoroughly discussing the details of your pets condition with you, every step of the way. For patients that require long-term care (eg. diabetics), our goal is to link our team with your local family veterinarian, to work closely with you so that your pet continues to maintain an excellent quality of life.

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