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Our Next Free Rivoli Lecture for Veterinarians "Improving Your In-House
Joint Surgery Skills"
Wednesday October 26th, 2016, 7:00 PM

Specialist Surgery for Cats and Dogs at Southpaws Vet

We are back to the beautiful Rivoli Cinemas for our final show of 2016. On Wednesday, October 26th from 7:00 PM, James and Charles will present "Improving Your In-House Joint Surgery Skills." We'll cover common techniques including extracapsular repair of cruciate disease, tibial crest transposition for medially luxating patellas and excision arthroplasty for hip dysplasia. Detailed videos recorded at Southpaws will review hints and critical steps that drive the best outcomes for patients. Live discussion will provide you with practical advice to improve your joint surgery skills in a GP setting. Live Q&A will allow you to get the most out of this learning experience. James will also review options for management of elbow dysplasia.

Drinks and canapes are served from 7:00 PM in the upstairs function area and our lecture commences from 7:30 in one of the Rivoli's comfortable cinemas. Compulsory popcorn is provided. And of course our Rivoli lectures are always free of charge.

Bookings are essential as our movie sessions often fill up. To register click here. We look forward to seeing you there for another fun and informative night.



Southpaws Free July Lecture for Veterinarians "Fixing Flat Faced Friends"
Wednesday July 20th, 2016, 7:00 PM

Brachycephalic Dog Breeds - Surgery and Medicine Challenges for VetsFree Veterinary CPD Lectures from Southpaws Speciality Surgery for Animals

In this lecture Dr Charles Kuntz and Dr Alex Santamaria will discuss:

  • surgical approaches to brachycephalic airway surgery
  • orthopaedic diseases common to brachycephalics - patellar luxation, hip dysplasia and
  • spinal diseases common to brachycephalics - disc disease, hemivertebrae, “screw tail"

Our surgeons will then be joined by our very popular head of internal medicine, Dr Anne-Claire Duchaussoy, to speak about chronic gastritis and reflux in brachycephalics - diagnosis and treatment.

As always the lecture evening is completely free of charge. Canapes and drinks will be served from 7:00 PM and the lecture commences at 7:35 in one of the comfortable Rivoli cinemas. Popcorn is of course compulsory.

To register for the lecture please click on this link:

Register Now for Our Next Free Lecture

or email - please indicate name, practice and number of attendees.

Latest Lecture Focusses on Cats "The Cat's Miaow"
Wednesday April 13th, 7:00 PM

Southpaws hosts free veterinary lectures

It's raining cats. We're back at the Rivoli to talk only about felines and our whole team will be involved.

“The Cat’s Miaow - Developments and Techniques in Feline Surgery and Medicine”

In this lecture Charles, James and Ralph will discuss surgical approaches to megacolon, inflammatory polyps, injection site sarcomas, perineal urethrostomy, intestinal biopsies, and placing oesophagostomy tubes.

The boys will be joined by Southpaws Head of Internal Medicine Department, Dr Anne-Claire Duchaussoy to review - the importance of surgical GI biopsy in gastrointestinal disease in cats and medical management of feline small cell lymphoma and IBD.

As always the lecture evening is completely free of charge. Canapes and drinks will be served from 7:00 PM and the lecture commences at 7:35 in one of the comfortable Rivoli cinemas. Popcorn is of course provided.

To register for the lecture please click on this link:
Free Southpaws Lecture The Cats Miaow

or email - please indicate name, practice and number of attendees.


Southpaws Next Free Lecture For Vets Rivoli Cinema, November 25th, 2015

Free Lectures for Veterinarians At Southpaws

We're back at the Rivoli again. This time James and Charles are moving to the front of the dog presenting "Forelimb Lameness Advances and Options" at the Rivoli Theatre Camberwell on Wednesday the 25th of November.

Charles and James will discuss all aspects of forelimb lameness from clinical examination tips and tricks to diagnostic tests and recent developments in treatment options. They will cover both the basics and the latest cutting-edge treatment options now available for elbow dysplasia osteoarthritis and medial shoulder instability. As always questions from the audience will help stimulate new perspectives and experiences from our two speakers. Canapes and drinks will be served in the upstairs Function Area of the Rivoli from 7:00 PM with lecture commencing at 7:35 PM accompanied by popcorn. There is plenty of parking nearby, including opposite our Camberwell suites (555 Riversdale) with a short walk to the theatre. To register for this free event, please click on this link.

Southpaws Next Free Lecture for Vets at the Rivoli Cinema, July 15th 2015

Free Lectures for Veterinarians At Southpaws

We received great feedback from our last lecture at the Rivoli Theatre in Camberwell and so we are heading back to the movies. Our next lecture will be at the Rivoli Theatre Camberwell on Wednesday the 15th of July and is entitled: “Decision-Making in Hindlimb Lameness.”

Charles and James will discuss all aspects of hindlimb lameness including lumbosacral disease, hip dysplasia, stifle disease, neoplasia and many other causes of hindlimb lameness. After completing this lecture, participants should feel comfortable assessing dogs with hindlimb lameness, and recommending and performing further diagnostic testing. You will gain insight into the surgical and medical procedures available to manage these conditions. Participants who are advanced in surgery will also get valuable practical advice on the performance of many surgical procedures. We will be serving canapes and drinks at our Camberwell Consulting Suites from 7:00 PM with plenty of parking opposite and then it is a short walk down the hill to the Rivoli Theatre for lecture starting at 7:35 PM. Seats are limited so please register by clicking on this link. We look foward to seeing you there.


Southpaws First Free Lecture for Vets at the Beautiful Rivoli Cinema, February 11th 2015

Free Lecture by Southpaws Comes to the Rivoli Cinema

Southpaws next FREE lecture night for veterinarians is at the Rivoli Cinema, 200 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East on Wednesday February 11th from 7:00 PM. The topic of this two hour seminar is "Hints and Tips for Surgery". Dr Charles Kuntz and Dr James Simcock will discuss methods to improve surgical efficiency and results and how to save money in your practice. We're hosting the event at the art deco Rivoli Cinema which celebrates its 75th birthday in 2015. Food and refreshments will be served from 7:00 PM in the upstairs function area followed by presentations commencing at 7:30 in Cinema 8. To register for our free lecture at the Rivoli Cinema please click here and complete our on-line registration form. Registration is a must as places are limited.

Southpaws To Host Lecture for Vets at Glen Waverley Novotel

Free Lecture By Specialists For Referring Vets at Glen Waverley Victoria

Southpaws next lecture night for referring vets is at the Glen Waverley Novotel on Tuesday 3rd of June. The topic of this two hour seminar is "Optimising Outcomes (For Primary Veterinarians) When Clients Decline Referral" and will be presented by Dr Charles Kuntz and Dr James Simcock. Food and refreshments will be provided from 7:00 PM with presentations commencing at 7:30. For more information please click here and follow the links to our on-line registration form.

Southpaws Hosts Nurses Seminar In Partnership With Royal Canin

Specialist Vets Host Free Seminar For Nurses

Southpaws hosted a free evening seminar for veterinary nurses on March 25th at the Sandringham Yacht Club. A fun and informative night was had by all kicked off by speaker Dr Norielle Williams from Royal Canin speaking about Pancreatitis. Norielle was followed by Kate James from Total Balance, Kate is a mindfulness expert and coach. Kate put us all through our paces with some great practical tips about how to reduce and manage stress at work. Finally veterinary specialist Dr Charles Kuntz spoke about engaging nursing teams in key decision making and how a check list approach to veterinary procedures can enhance success and optimise outcomes for patients. The night was topped off by a beautiful sunset over the bay and lovely food and refreshments from the Sandringham Yacht Club.

Southpaws Invests in New Mobile Xray Fluoroscope

Mobile Xray Fluoroscope at Veterinary Specialist Hospital, Melbourne

Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals recently updated our fluoroscope capability to the new 40 kHz, 2.2 kW GE OEC Brivo Plus providing higher spatial resolution and superb image quality at lower doses of radiation. The Brivo Plus connects wirelessly to our PC systems and features a touch screen interface for faster set up and procedures. The Brivo Plus provides real time moving pictures of internal anatomy captured on a megapixel CCD camera with low and high dose, pulsed and non-pulsed modes. The new software of the Brivo Plus includes the ability to position the patient without dosing, significantly reducing patient dosing levels. The Brivo Plus features image tracking modes which maintain focus on anatomical features and anti-scatter measures to optimize image quality. The installation is part of Southpaws on-going investment in leading edge technology for improved patient diagnosis and outcomes.

Southpaws Hosts Melbourne University "Smallies" Night

Veterinary Specialists Melbourne Host Free Student Lecture

Southpaws recently hosted students from Melbourne University "Smallies" group - students interested in small animal (dogs and cats) veterinary practice. Southpaws owners and specialist surgeons, Dr. Charles Kuntz and Dr. James Simcock and Professional Interest Practitioner in Oncology and Internal Medicine, Dr Raelene Wouda presented entertaining lectures and fielded questions from the enthusiastic, 70 strong audience. To keep the Smallies under control, refreshments and pizza were served and an informative and fun night was had by all. Click here for some more pictures.

Southpaws Announces "Complete Cancer Care"

Complete Cancer Care by Specialist Hospital Uses New CT Scanner

Southpaws are pleased to announce "Complete Cancer Care" - the launch of new services and expertise located at our dedicated referral hospital facility in Moorabbin, Victoria.

Complete Cancer Care combines the expertise of co-owners and specialist surgeons Dr Charles Kuntz and Dr James Simcock with Professional Interest Practitioner in medical oncology and internal medicine, Dr Raelene Wouda and imaging specialist Dr Natalie Webster along with the world class facilities, technology and dedicated nursing staff of Southpaws. Please click on this link for the full article on Complete Cancer Care by Southpaws.

New Southpaws Brochure

Brochure for Specialist Veterinarians Describes Services for Dogs and Cats

Southpaws are pleased to announce the availability of our new 16 page brochure detailing all of our capabilities, facilities, people and values.

Please click on the brochure image (left) to view the brochure as an on-line flip book - you can turn the pages, zoom in etc.

If you are a referring veterinarian and would like paper copies for your clinic please email and request a copy. The brochure should be an excellent tool in communicating what we are about and we would welcome your feedback on it. Clients can pick up copies in our waiting room.

Purrfect Cat Ward Now Open

Southpaws is pleased to announce the opening of its dedicated and segregated facilitSpecialist veterinary centre with dedicated cat ward, Melbourne, Australiaies for cats. The new facilities provide separate housing and waiting rooms for feline patients and their owners. “Patient care and pet-owner comfort has always been at the top of our priorities at Southpaws,” says founder Dr Charles Kuntz, “our goal is to be recognized as a world-leading specialty facility for both dogs and cats.” The new upstairs facility has been specifically developed for feline patients, providing consultation suites and patient housing isolated from canine patients. Patient owners can also wait in a separate waiting room without the distractions of cat - dog interactions.
“Unfamiliar environments and the noise, scents and presence of other animals can be distressing for all small animals,” says Kuntz, “the separation of our facilities for dogs and cats, enhances the experience for both species and leads to improved recovery.” The result is a more comfortable environment all round for both patients and pet-owners. The speciality cat care centre is open now for all referring veterinarians and their patients.

Southpaws Solves Pet Problems in 3D

Melbourne Specialist Veterinary Surgery Uses 3D Printing For Diagnosis of Cats and Dogs In an Australian first, Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals is using 3D printing technology for faster and more accurate diagnosis and surgery, resulting in better outcomes for pets and improving communications with owners and referring veterinarians. Southpaws has acquired, in conjunction with Royal Canin pet food company a uPrint SE Printer giving founder Dr Charles Kuntz an opportunity to help referring vets make better judgements on patient condition and advise the pet owner on appropriate treatment.The uPrint SE Printer extends existing CT scanning technologies to enable the surgeon to model a critical joint or physiological feature. The printer builds a life-sized three dimensional model from plastic, sprayed in microscopic layers in much the same way as an ink-jet printer. The layers are built up - guided by the CT images of the patient, into a complete plastic model, which can then be used to guide the intricate surgery faster and more accurately. The modelling allows the surgeon to literally hold the targetted site in their hands and this aids communication with referring vets and pet owners. Click here to learn more about how 3D printing can be applied to specialist veterinary surgery and diagnosis.

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